One Carnibona - One team, one dream

Here at Carnibona, we believe that it is our employees that give us that leading competitive edge, the representatives of our company. Therefore, positive motivation of our people is not only highly integrated, but is part of our leadership message. Together, we can reach our goals and get results.

Why should you have a career in Carnibona?

Here at Carnibona, we offer fantastic career opportunities with a potential to grow in the business, for both experienced professionals and talented graduates.

We support diversity

For us, diversity is an important and integral part of our corporate strategy and it is built on three pillars:


Multicultural awareness:

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse, multicultural environment in which individuals can thrive. Together we can create new insights, new values and innovative approaches to solving problems.

Sex discrimination:

Whether it be directly, indirectly, harassment or victimisation, we are against all types of gender related discrimination. At Carnibona, we are all equal.


Focus on unlocking the potential of employees of different ages, sharing knowledge and experience between generations - the intergenerational transfer of know- how.