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Superbrands 2015

Mecom company got Superbrands 2015 award
It strenghtens its role among the elite brands

Bratislava, March 30, 2015 – Mecom brand got Superbrands 2015 award as one of the most successful companies in meat processing industry in Slovakia.

Brand Council commission of experts of Slovak Superbrands awarded Mecom brand Slovak Superbrands Award 2015. Mecom reaffirms its role in a group of elite brands which represents successful development and dynamic improvement of their image in the minds of the general public. The received award is also a settlement of perceived quality of the products and services what represents a strong signal for consumers.

International Superbrands programme originated more than 15 years ago in Great Britain. The marketing and communication experts set two goals: bring into the spotlight extremely strong brands and present for market participants who would like to develop and learn the brands which are worth following. Since then the programme has gained worldwide renown and Superbrands Award is today recognized as special award in 90 countires on five continents.

Superbrands Award decision is granted by Brands Council group of experts based on public survey carried out by a reputable agency GfK. The commission consists of the most respected experts in the field of marketing, communication and advertising. The more we are proud that we got this prestigious award the second time. We are doing everything so we can build the stable and successful brand that will have a good reputation in minds of consumers. We are constantly monitoring trends and innovations in the food industry to meet the needs of customers. Just their favour and satisfaction is for us, as manufacturer with long tradition in the Slovak market, primary and authoritative,“ says Martin Danielič, CEO of Mecom.